Andra Day – Strange Fruit


Andra Day covers the iconic song “Strange Fruit.” Originally performed by Billie Holiday in 1939, the song protests lynching, a form of racial terror which took more than 4,000 African American lives and reinforced white supremacy. Most states have no memorials commemorating lynching sites, some of which are featured in this video. Andra, in partnership with the Equal Justice Initiative, sheds light on this difficult history and the ways that racial injustice continues. In order to move forward, we must confront our past.


Space Captain – Sycamore


“Sycamore” tells a lyrical, folk-flavoured tale of complicated love, the lilting voice of singer and songwriter Maralisa Simmons-Cook melding with heavily effected guitars and synths alongside live and digital beats and brass flourishes.

“The story is based on a tumultuous love triangle my dad was thrown into post-college”, she explains; “He told me this story one summer, behind a bar in Brooklyn called Sycamore. It’s a tale of love and betrayal, about trying to win back a lover, and the issues that arose between three best friends”.

“Sycamore” brings an eagerly awaited taste of new music from Space Captain and an upfront glimpse of their first full ‘All Flowers In Time’ album dropping October 27th.

The Vintage Babies – Vintage Babies


Vintage Babies is the title of the collaborative album and super group created by Grammy nominated singer, songwriter, and MC, Maimouna Youssef aka Mumu Fresh and producer, Dj, and musical director Dj Dummy The Genius collectively known as The Vintage Babies. The Vintage Babies’ album consists of 17 soul and hip hop head bangers and features musical greats like Grammy & Oscar award winning Common, as well as some incredible songwriting and vocal help from Top Dawg’s own SIR, Malik Yusef , and Baltimore’s Rose Gold from the Polly seeds.



Between pre-war blues and backyard grooves, the Zozophonic Orchestra continues to explore their “urban country blues” sound, straight out of the ’20s but boosted by distortions and urban rhythms.

It’s also about the bandleader, Manouche Fournier, passionate about African-American music of all kinds and a trumpet-player who picked up the guitar and learned to sing along the way. But mostly it’s about a group of virtuoso musicians trained in jazz but always ready to take on new vibes.


Collectively, the members of the Zozophonic Orchestra take the Deep South blues in a whole new direction. The humidity of the Caribbean meets New Orleans funk to create a modern sound, mixing committed lyrics with angry improvisations.

From the overflowing Mississippi to a broken-down subway, you’ll swear you’re listening to Ben Harper jamming with Beck & The Meters.