XOA – Mas / Mon Ecole


Sizzling with analogue synths, slicing guitars, warm bass lines and crisp drums, XOA’s compositions take influence from the sounds of London’s fervent electronic music scene, fusing Broken-beat and House music foundations with golden era 70s Afrobeat, Funk and Jazz.
XOA is the solo / collaborative project from multi-instrumentalist Nick Tyson. Hailing from London, Tyson has immersed himself in the richness of the city’s music scene from a young age, experiencing and absorbing everything from classical orchestras to the underground clubs, alongside a relentless touring career with numerous bands.


Kwabs – Saved (2014) #kwabs


New single from Kwabs EP WALK, entitled Saved. Kwabena Sarkodee Adjepong aka Kwabs is a london based soul Artist.

Saved :


Smith and The Honey Badgers – The Honey Badger Strut (2014) #Honeybadgers

Smith & The Honey Badger Strut

First EP from this East London based funky soul band called Smith & the Honey Badgers. The Honey Badger Strut was partially funded by a Kickstarter campaign.

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Check this out :

and another one … 😉

Enjoy 😉


Phronesis – Life To Everything (2014)



I’ve just discovered this Jazz band, this European Jazz Band shall I say, a few weeks ago … :

* Jasper Høiby (Denmark) – double bass

* Ivo Neame (UK) – piano

* Anton Eger (Sweden) – drums

Three incredible musicians … They master their instruments, they put a huge dose of musicality, creativity, energy, happiness … Here is Phronesis.

Life To Everything (Edition Records) is their … 5th album already !! It was time to hear listen to their fantastic music !!! This LP is a live performance, recorded in three days at The Cockpit in London (2013 London Jazz Festival). What could you ever expect from a such fabulous band record ? To have a great sound Quality. Well, they did it also … thanks to their engineers Matt Robertson & Alex Killpatrick. I think I’ve never heard such a beautiful live record, technically speaking. 

Phronesis - Life To Everything

And you know what ? Watching them live is also a real pleasure, they spread their happiness … GIFTED, GENUINE …

Probably one of the  most exciting album you could hear this year …


Lick it