Terrace Martin & The Pollyseeds


We’re lucky ! A lot of great “new” musicians are really prolific !! Here’s the latest project of the man : The Pollyseeds – Sounds of Crenshaw Vol.1


He collaborated with incredible musicians such as Robert Glasper, Kamasi Washington and Marlon Williams … HOT !!!

Trevor Lawrence Jr. – Relationships


Check out this brand new LP from drummer Trevor Lawrence Jr. ! A lot of great guess in this great album Relationships such as the excellent Terrace Martin on Sax, Nicholas Payton & Maurice Brown on Trumpet, Kamasai Washington on Sax just to name a few … !

Forq – Taizo


Forq shoot at Diamond Dog Studio

Forq shoot at Diamond Dog Studio

“Taizo” off of Forq’s 2017 album “Thrēq,” out August 4th on GroundUP Music

Henry Hey – Keyboards
Chris McQueen – Guitars
Michael League – Bass
Jason “JT” Thomas – Drums

The Haggis Horns – Take It Back


The Haggis Horns will release their fourth studio album in September 2017 and as a little teaser, they drop a summer single worldwide on June 9th via their own Haggis Records, a feel good bouncing hip-hop/funk jam featuring guest UK MC/rapper Doc Brown. Think back to the dawn of hip-hop in the early 1980s when the first rap singles featured the Sugarhill Records house band laying down heavy funk grooves for MCs like The Furious Five and Treacherous 3 and you get the flavour.

The Volunteered Slaves — Kahina


Excellent album from The Volounteered Slaves called RIPCORD !!

Listen to Kahina :

The Volunteered Slaves are : 

Emmanuel Duprey – Olivier Temime – Kiala Ogawa – Allonymous – Akim Bournane – Julien Charlet – Hervé Samb – Raphaela Cupidin – Indy Eka – Arnold Moueza – Emmanuel Bex – Mafé


“Somewhere there was a little girl
Who didn’t have to fight to be
So she decided to be a fighter to be
She wore the armor for the sake of others
For the sake of those who won’t remember
Those who won’t notice
But it’s alright mother
No dont cry mother
She is the one with a sword made of faith
Heart of light you are
Heart of conqueror you rise
Heart of fire so bright (rock the casbah)
You will fly not too far away (rock the casbah)
Woman, woman of power soldier of love
She saw it once
She saw the salvation long before Cause she carried it
A true soldier using what nature gave her to succeed
Heart of light you are
Heart of conqueror you rise
Heart of fire so bright (rock the casbah)
You will fly not too far away(rock the casbah)
Many many man tend to think they Know who she is who she was who she’s meant to be
But the truth is at the end of the day there is no word there is a million
She is strong fearless wild and Cold
She is a mother wife lady a Sister a friend
She is combative conquerant
A symbol for others
A flower in the desert
A colour in the dark
She was free to fight
She was free to live
She was from the beginning and always be til the end
Mother earth gave her the choice between be and do
But instead she chose not to choose but to do
She is bold sincere one of a kind
Never neglect her feminity for any divine
She defies and and denies the right for some to be in
Body and soul kahina is never defeated
She will turn to ashes every city every town
Never back down never slow down never fret
She is a desert storm blowing out injustice
Beware Beware here comes the Shero
Beware Beware here comes the Shero”